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Single row deep groove bearings are available capped (with seals or guards) or open. Open bearings that are additionally offered covered may have recesses in the ring side encounters.

Inch bearings in the EE( B), RLS and also RMS collection are meant as aftermarket things and also, for that reason, ZUAG MANUFACTURING OY recommends not using these bearings for new bearing setup styles.

ZUAG MANUFACTURING OY can likewise provide bearings with a tapered bore. For thorough info, contact ZUAG MANUFACTURING OY.

Capped bearings
Selection standards for various topping gadgets under numerous operating problems are listed in table 1. Nonetheless, these standards can not alternative to examining a guard or seal in its application. For added info, describe Important sealing.

The seals, which are suited a recess on the external ring, make great, positive contact with the recess, without flawing the outer ring. The covering gadgets are available as:

Shields (classification suffix Z).

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are primarily meant for applications where the inner ring rotates.
are fitted in the external ring and also create a slim gap with the internal ring.
are constructed from sheet steel.
are available as common with an expansion in the shield birthed.
anticipate some dimensions without extension.
safeguard from dust and particles without rubbing losses.
Non-contact seals (classification suffix RZ, fig. 3).

give much better sealing effectiveness than guards.
can be run at the exact same rates as guards.
develop a very narrow gap with the internal ring shoulder.
are constructed from sheet steel reinforced NBR (oil- and wear-resistant).
Low-friction seals (designation suffixes RSL or RST).

supply far better sealing effectiveness than non-contact seals.
are constructed from sheet steel enhanced NBR (oil as well as wear-resistant).
RSL design:.
can be run at the exact same speeds as guards.
make practically no contact with a recess in the inner ring shoulder.
are available for 60, 62, 63 collection bearings in two layouts, depending on the dimension.
RST style:.
make favorable contact with a recess in the inner ring shoulder for good sealing efficiency.
are offered on request for 60, 62 as well as 63 collection bearings in three RST designs, depending upon the size.
Get in touch with seals (designation suffixes RSH, RSH2, RS1 or RS2).

are made of sheet steel reinforced.
FKM (designation suffix RS2 or RSH2, available on request).
are available in different designs depending on the bearing they are used with:.
for 60, 62 and 63 series bearings in two RSH designs (fig. 6), depending on the size.
for RS1 designs, with sealing either against the inner ring shoulder or against a recess in the inner ring side face; the relevant design is determined by dimension d1 or d2 in the product table.
Seals made of FKM (fluoro rubber) exposed to an open flame or temperatures above 300 ° C (570 ° F) are a health and environmental hazard! They remain dangerous even after they have cooled.


Read and follow the safety precautions under this WARNING.

ICOS oil sealed bearing units.
are typically used for applications with sealing requirements exceeding the capabilities of standard sealing solutions, i.e. oil retention.
have the following features compared to bearings with external sealing solutions:.
need less axial space.
simplify mounting.
avoid expensive machining of the shaft because the inner ring shoulder is the seal counterface.
consist of a 62 series deep groove ball bearing and an ZUAG MANUFACTURING OY WAVE seal:.
single lip, spring loaded radial shaft seal.
made of NBR.
have limiting speeds quoted in the product table that are based on the permissible circumferential speed for the seal (14 m/s).
Greases for capped bearings.
Bearings capped on both sides are lubricated for the life of the bearing and are virtually maintenance-free. They are filled with one of the following greases:.
standard deep groove ball bearings.
inch deep groove ball bearings.
D < 63.5 mm → MT47.
D ≥ 63.5 mm → MT33.
On request, bearings can be supplied with the following special greases:.
high temperature grease GJN.
wide temperature range grease HT or WT.
wide temperature range and low-noise grease LHT23.
low temperature grease LT.
The technical specifications of the various greases are listed.

The standard grease is not identified in the bearing designation (no designation suffix). Special greases are indicated by the corresponding grease suffix. Check availability of bearings with special grease prior to ordering.

Grease life for capped bearings.
is presented as L10, i.e. the time period at the end of which 90% of the bearings are still reliably lubricated (diagram 1).
depends on:.
the operating temperature.
the n dm factor.
grease performance factor (GPF).
The indicated grease life is valid under this combination of operating conditions:.
horizontal shaft.
inner ring rotation.
light load (P ≤ 0,05 C).
operating temperature within the green temperature zone of the grease (table 3).
stationary machine.
low vibration levels.
Where the operating conditions differ as described below, the grea.

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